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Brain Coaching

Having a brain coach can be an invaluable tool in helping you navigate life. 

Brain coaching is learning about how your brain works. Why you do the things you do. Learning why you get in your own way. Additionally as a brain owner its about taking ownership of your emotions and trajectory. Having a Brain coach is also about having a trusted person to talk to about all the stuff that goes on in life, someone who listens without judgment, helps you work through questions, understand the root causes, identify small habit changes, develop plans, and figures out who you are and who you want to be. Coach Jenn says it like this “I am a cross between, a big sister, a cool aunt, a therapist, and a teacher.” A Brain Coach helps you take ownership of your Brain. To Learn more more about how your brain impacts your whole life check out our education program tailored specifically to you.  Brain Ownership 

Whatever you want to talk about! Coaching sessions are about you, who you are, what is going on in your life, and what is important to you. Topics discussed can range from friends, romantic relationships, school, grades, graduation, family, sports, jobs/internships, future, promotions/raises, and anything else that is important to you. You and your coach direct the time you spend together, this is about you and what you want and need. Brain Coaching help identify what gets in the way and talking about how to navigate those topics. If you would rather spend time learning on your own we have unstructured coaching that is tailored to address the challenges you face and can be customized to fit your needs. For a more structured program check out Brain Ownership.

We have coaches for every other part of our life. If you have a brain don’t you want to use it to it’s fullest? Anyone can benefit from a brain coach, there doesn’t have to be something wrong. Studies show that people who have a non-family member mentor to talk to, are happier, make well reasoned decisions, and adjust better to the adult world. In our adolescence it is imperative we find an adult we can ask questions of, help us work out the big decisions, and get sound advice from someone who has been there and can offer perspective. But any age benefits from having help identifying the patterns in our lives that keep us from reaching our full potential. Often the first step is knowledge check out Brain Ownership. Learn more about how your brain impacts your life and every response you have.

The frequency and length of coaching depends on you. You might have one thing you want to work on with a coach. Spend time focused on that one thing then come back and work on something else. Coaching is not a one size fits all. Every Coach and session is designed around your needs and wants. Usually you will work with your coach for 13 weeks designed around the basic education to understand how your brain works. During that you and your coach can develop a plan that meets your needs to sustain that . The length of the coaching differs by person, some clients meet with a coach for years, others a few months or a year or two. Unstructured coaching is tailored to address the challenges you face customized to fit your needs. For a more structured program check out Brain Ownership.

Brain Coaching at the best time

Let’s talk about being a teenager, you will make friends, lose friends, fight with your parents, love your parents, ace a test, fail a class, have a crush, get dumped, and a hundred other things…and let’s be honest, sometimes it happens all on the same day! The middle school and high school years are…bizarre at best.

The old saying goes that these are the “best years of your life”…phooey! These years are the most interesting, amazing, hopeful, amusing, uncertain, awkward, relaxed, cheerful, joyful, confusing, disgusting, exasperating, frustrating, happy, embarrassing, infatuating, nervous, self-conscious years of your life. Along with every feeling every emotion possible, your brain is actually physically changing every single day, hormones are raging through your body, and you are supposed to decide what you want to be when you move into adulthood! Seriously?

Exactly how are you supposed to survive the craziness and thrive? That is where we come in!

SPHERE Education focuses on Brain Ownership. Did you know that the blueprint of how you think, feel, and act was all processed before you were 12 years old? As a teenager, your brain’s job is to create and strengthen billions of neural connections. It is happening every millisecond of every day. (No wonder you are so tired.) What if you had the knowledge and awareness to take an active role in this amazing complex stage of life?

Join us on your journey to #beabrainowner! Sign up today for Brain Ownership

Brain Ownership

Brain Ownership for Teens is a hybrid education and coaching program. We use video learning, Coaching, and guided reflection to help teens be more aware and focused. 

Ask Coach Jenn safe place for students

Ask Coach Jenn

The AskCoachJenn YouTube channel started from the idea and request of many students and young adults over the years. You guys have asked for a source to ask questions you are otherwise were embarrassed to ask. Throughout the development of this project, it turned into its own form of phenomena . AskCoachJenn uses the technology in your pocket to engage and display videos that answer the hard questions with great storytelling, and No BS at the heart of all the videos. Check out AskCoachJenn  and be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel here! 


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